Pro.Sis.Tel. was founded in 1992 as an artisan company with the objective of providing materials, tools, machines, products and services of high quality in multi-faceted communications sector.

- Experience in the amateur and professional branch is now recognized both in Italy and abroad with thousands of amateur radio operators, technicians, companies, institutions.

- The attention to new technologies has always been strength of our company that aims at an innovative product, with regard to versatility.

- Raw materials, components, assembly come together to provide you with precision, creativity and pride of Made in Italy.

Pro.Sis.Tel. based in Monopoli (Bari), a town of 60,000 inhabitants on the Adriatic coast between the ancient olive trees, which bloom in many productive activities in various fields.

Pride of our land are olive oil, wines, centuries-old culinary tradition, climate, sun and sea. The love and respect of our origins and traditions, the safety of authenticity, blend in our products: sturdy, solid, reliable, and ... guaranteed!

Pro.Sis.Tel. di Fiume Annamaria - C. da Conghia, 298 (sede amministrativa)

C. da Cacaveccia, 236 (sede operativa) - 70043 Monopoli Ba Italy

Tel: (+39) 080 887 66 07 - Email: